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Greetings my name is Rich I own its.city,

I am starting a United Stated directory for all of the major cities and cities that I have interest in, then I will start other us cities.

This process will take some time to complete😢 I have a lot of projects going on. I will be posting all of the cities that I have completed here on this site. Soon you will find tons of information on many different cities in the U.S. As you will see most of them will be sub domain names to its.city like https://seattle.its.city I have allays wanted the perfect domain name to create a good city directory and its city is the final answer.  However I have also acquired a few city domain names like its.miami and its.vegas! I will be listing those city information websites that I created here as well. Until I sell the domain names anyway. With that said It’s City domain name (its.city) is for sale. You can find out more here; https://its.domains/its-city/ I also have many more domain names for sale on its domains . You will find feeds and information on those cities that I have added here. I will also have a link directory to a lot to the cities official sites and other city information websites that I didn’t create. Be sure to check back as I will hopefully be adding a few new cities every month. Have a look around to see what I have updated or to fined the city you want to go to. Well the ones I have finished anyway. 😊


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